Friday, February 20, 2004

a good old fashioned bird poop story

on a regular sunday during my freshman year of college, i was walking home from church with my roomates, having the typical freshmany conversation i'm sure many of you have had.

until a bird pooped on my head.

and then as any freshman roomates would react, they pointed and laughed. i really don't blame them.

the point is, i had to walk the rest of the way to my apartment with bird poop on my head. it wasn't pleasant. i mean, it could've been worse, but seriously it wasn't fun.

and that's how i feel now, like i've had to get through this past week with bird poop on my head.

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

new valentine's day

as you may have noticed, i HATE february and here's why...
* it's cold. frigidly, freakishly cold.
* you never, EVER see the sun... only ugly, gray clouds.
* hormones are at an all time low.
* stress is at an all time high what with the semester being in full swing with absolutely no end in sight.
* all the cars are dirty.
* people get all angsty around mid-month if they don't have someone special.
* people get all angsty around mid-month if they do have someone special.

which leads me to my next point...

as you may have noticed, i LOVE valentine's day and here's why...
* the whole day centers around chocolate.
* halmark kiss-kiss bears.
* i love red... and pink. ya, i love pink too.
* the whole idea of a secret admirer who might bring you things.
* red hots.

and now for my final (and central) point...

valentine's day should NOT be in february. february is a black hole. it sucks all the fun from such a loveful holiday as valentines day. too many people have succumbed to succubus-ish february, becoming bitter, haggard, and desperate.

so in a radical coup, i've decided to change valentine's day to may 14th. i shall save my effusion of love for a month more befitting it.

who's with me?!

Thursday, February 05, 2004

don't you forget about me

while working in the libido packaging room this morning, i was given the all important job of closing the boxes.
so when my coworkers put in a kenny loggins compilation cd, i was very happily transported into an 80's movie. it was completely apparent that i was molly ringwald in "pretty in pink". although, come to think of it i could very well have been molly ringwald in "the breakfast club". or even molly ringwald in "sixteen candles".
the point is, my job is boring.
...i was probably allie sheedy.

Monday, February 02, 2004

seasonal angstyness

i'm telling you, if summer doesn't come soon i'm going to snap, seriously snap.
winter is so completely ugly. and everyone's in a bad mood. and i'm tired of wearing sweaters. and i'm bored, really bored. the other night i came away from an awkward dtr thinking, "hehehe... that was kind of fun." that would NEVER happen in summer.
in summer, i would play powerball. and go rollerblading (and fall down). and walk to 7/11 at 4 in the morning. and keep my doors and windows open 24/7. and go on road trips to far off places like kamas or maybe parawan. and i would never EVER think having a dtr was a good idea.