Tuesday, October 27, 2009

i had a very serious conversation with my car radio this morning as i drove to work.
the man on the radio told me a recent survey shows that, compared to years past, drastically less people believe global warming is a serious issue.
radio man asked me, "has your opinion about global warming changed in the last year? why don't you think global warming is a serious issue anymore?"

"because i am driving to work in a snow storm right now!! gaaaa!! where am i? am i in lehi? what is happening??", i calmly and attractively replied.

sanity is such a relative term.

Monday, October 26, 2009


halloween is high up on my top 40 list.
top 40 list referring to radyes, i'm bringing "rad" back*ness and not pop songs.
and also, there isn't an actual list because i'm making this all up as i type.

i'm trying to find a find a fancy way to tell you that i really enjoy halloween. it's rad!

and i seriously wish there were other yearly occasions where people would costume up because if i walk into a costume party i can tell you in the first two minutes who i want to roll with. halloween costumes make a group of people so much easier to gauge. they might as well be wearing signs around their necks announcing what they think is cool and i'm very interested in finding the people whose costumes say, "i'm awesome, ask me how."

i've started as of 2 minutes ago when i started writing this making a list of the costumes i'd like to see at some point and it includes...
dwayne wayne
the karate kid shower costume
the doppler effect is "the big bang theory" on anyone else's top 40 list?
a never nude

that's really all i have so far.

*"take it to the briiiidge"

Monday, October 12, 2009

mostly true

during the space race in the 60's, NASA spent $11 million to finance the development of this...
a pen.
a pen with nitrogen and special ink making it usable in extreme temperatures, underwater, and without gravity.
do you know what the russians used?

okay, okay. that's a myth.
kind of.
the the nonexaggerated story is that the U.S. used pencils as well. they, in fact, spent $128.89 per pencil which (for some unknown reason!) people found ridiculous. NASA also saw the broken pencil tips as harmful and didn't want anything flammable on board (a rocket) so they spent $1 million on space pens.
i don't really know what the russians did. just roughed it, i guess. harmful pencil tips and all.

i haven't decided yet which story is going to be the version i tell people.