Friday, January 31, 2003


when i have nothing to type, i get bored. when i am bored, i tap my nails. when i tap my nails on the computer, this happens...;lkj;lkj;lkj.
just so you know.
the end

Tuesday, January 28, 2003


a few weeks ago my mom called me...
mom: do you have my "john williams soundtracks" cd?
me: no...oh wait, james has it.
mom: i want my cd back. call him.
me: i've actually been trying not to call him lately. i even deleted his number from my cell phone.
mom: i want my cd back. call him.
me: fine.

so i dug out james' number from where i hid it. yes, i realize that since i know where it is, it isn't really a "hiding" place. but i also know myself, and that the temptation to call him will never consume me enough to get off the couch, and rifle through a box full of receipts and ward love notes kept on the top shelf of my closet. (dangit! now you know my hiding place!) with me, laziness always reigns supreme. um...back to the story, i found the phone number and then put into operation a great scheme (a crazy caper, even) involving my downstairs neighbor, a not so real music theory class, and a pressing assignment. my intention of course being to get my mother's cd, without having to speak with the ex quasi boyfriend. it was the perfect plan. perfect. except that i went down to visit my neighbors this morning (even though i was already late for class) and james randomly walked in (even though he should've been at work). i don't know why i even bother with the scheming. at least i have my cd back. maybe i'll dig his number out of hiding again and throw it away. ya. that would be good.

Monday, January 27, 2003


i looked this up, because i was told that if i turned to the definition i would find my picture. all i found were words...

slacker: 1. a person who evades duty or work; shirker (um... i don't know what everyone's talking about. i've never shirked anything. i mean, what kind of person would i be if i just went around shirking! i can't believe that people think i'm a shirker!!... oh... i just looked up the definition of "shirker"... shoot. moving on.) 2. a person who evades military service; dodger. (hmmm... well,although i've never been in the military, i wouldn't necessarily say that i've been evading it.) 3. an especially educated person who is scornful of materialism, purposeless, apathetic, and usually works in a dead-end job. (i have mixed feelings about this. i am in college so would that mean i'm especially educated?i don't feel especially educated. and quite frankly i'm a fan of materialism. i listen to madonna's "material girl" all the time. now, it's true that most people would find my life purposeless, but it's just because they don't understand that i find purpose in the very simple things in life, like waking up in time to watch "golden girls" during breakfast. see? my life is purposeFUL! as for apathetic, just because i don't care about stuff, doesn't make me apathetic. and i do NOT work in a dead-end job. in fact i don't have a job at all! so you see, there's not a bit of this definition that relates to me...sigh...ya, i know...i'm a slacker.)

Sunday, January 26, 2003


a phone conversation i had with my friend lydia in the 8th grade...
lydia: you're really tall.
14 year old me: ya i know. i hate it.
lydia: all models are tall.
me: that's true.
lydia: if we put my head on your body, we could totally be a model.
me: ya...wait...hey!

a lunch time conversation freshman year...
lydia: i'm always worried that guys are just interested in me because of the way i look.
the rest of us: ok
lydia: i mean, you girls are really lucky because when a guy likes you, you know it's because of your personality.

last night i drove to salt lake and saw "chicago" (fabulous movie, just fabulous) with lydia and kate. then we decided to go eat at the local college pizza hangout called "the pie" (technically it's the greek symbol "pi", thus reminding us of pizza, fraternities, and the numerical value 3.1415...) in remembrance of our high school days when we would go and hope some college boys would notice us (sometimes they would, and then our goal acheived we would giggle a lot until it was time to go home). as we sat and reminisced, lydia suddenly got up, and walked over to a table of nice young whippersnappers. didn't really phase me because, hey... that's lydia. eventually she came back, sat down and said, "well, i asked those guys who of the three of us would make the best lesbian couple, and they said it would me and kat." um...ok.
let's tell the truth. lydia and i would never date, mostly because she's so high maintenance. but also because she name drops and she's a hypochondriac. oh! and she's not a man.

Thursday, January 23, 2003

rodney the camera rental guy

yesterday i rented a camera from rodney the camera rental guy. rodney works within the depths of the fletcher building. rodney takes his job very seriously. rodney asked me who i thought he'd come after if i damaged the camera i was renting. i thought hard and then said, "well...i don't have any money, parents?" rodney was not amused.
there is a lackey who works for rodney in the camera rental hole. he answers phone and eats cereal. the cereal eating lackey looks familiar to me. maybe i went to high school with him or something. in any case, this sense of familiarity puts me at ease with him. he is not ok with that. when i got lost on my way out of the camera rental hole, he snickered to himself (i've never heard anyone snicker in real life. i've only read about it in books). i turned around and said, "am i lost?" he said, "yes" to which i retorted, "ya, where were you on that, punk?" he was not ok with that either.
today i tried to return my camera to rodney but rodney had disappeared. the cereal eating (and possible west high school alumni) lackey wouldn't take my camera from me but insisted i come back in an hour. i was not ok with that. i looked at my options... option a: i return it tomorrow and pay a late fee. (option a was rejected); option b: i could try and flirt with west high, cereal lackey and seduce him into disobeying rodney's rules. (he would not be ok with that. i would not be ok with that. option b was rejected); option c: i could be smart alecky to lackey boy, return the camera tomorrow to rodney and remind him of how i warned him earlier that any fee he went after would have to be taken up with my parents (option c was unanimously accepted).

Wednesday, January 22, 2003

the grind

is it normal to detest a class? don't bother answering that because i know full well it is, that the concept of class was quite possibly derived on the sole basis that young adults would abhor it.
more to the point, is it normal to detest a photography class? it seems to me that photography is more a hobby than a subject (like kickboxing or coin collecting) and thus i should be excited to take it. but i'm not, i hate it...HATE IT! hmph...

today, while walking on campus, i passed a guy who looked familiar. i couldn't place him at first, and then i realized that it was one of the models from my figure drawing class, and i started giggling. i thought to myself, "hey. i've seen you necked" (in my mind i'm not at all a poser). i felt oddly empowered. you know how people tell you to picture everyone in their underwear so you won't be nervous or intimidated? ya... but it's only the third week of classes. what will my journeys across campus be like by finals week? i shudder to think.