Monday, June 22, 2009

i'm almost through my busy time of year. in fact, i'm so close with being done with halloween and christmas '09 i can taste it. and when i say i can taste it, what i mean is that i'm currently eating candy samples from what will be my next packaging project... nostalgia candy. i'm surrounded by all my most favorite candies from my childhood.
don't worry, i'll list it out one by one.
i'm talking about pixie sticks, pop rocks, ring pops, cry babies, fire balls, candy necklaces and fun dip and something called "zotz".
i'm telling you, this totally makes up for the taj mahal themed gum drop label i had to make.

the other day, one of the little, candy packaging balls-of-angst came into my office to brag about the class he'll be taking during his first semester of college.
"history of rock and roll".
now i know and you know that this class is not going to be what he thinks it's going to be (coughcougheasyAcough) (coughcoughand talking about elvis(no seriously. that's what he told me he thinks it will be(i brought up led zepplin and he stared at me blankly))cough).
this was the moment my new project (read: "new mix cd" (read: "rock 101: know it, don't blow it")) was born.
not that i'm in any way a true audiophile. and not that he'll care. but i'm having an incredibly great time making this cd and i highly recommend you make one of your own.

Monday, June 15, 2009

man, the weirdest thing happened last night.
i was hanging a clock on my bathroom wall when i slipped, fell and hit my head. when i came to i saw this...

i only wish i knew what it meant.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

some lesser known rules of human nature...

1. my friends and i will never be able to finish a plate of baked goods because nobody wants to be the person who takes the last piece. we will however break the last piece in infinite halves.
this is a real life example of zeno's dichotomy paradox.

2. in any given dvd commentary the word "genius" will be used 32 times.

3. a person's moderation, patience, and (let's face it) basic decency diminishes sharply the moment they stop communicating with someone face-to-face, ergo an otherwise normal person has a high chance of being mean and crazy via phone. here, i've graphed it out...

my first job was as a telemarketer and i wanted to quit after the first fifteen minutes.
but i didn't.
i quit after 4 hours.
which is why i have this sympathy for the telemarketers of the world. i have no problem sitting through their speech and required three attempts, and usually when i do they are so filled with relief they start making small talk. today, after i updated our company address info for one of our free magazine subscription!s i had the following conversation...

telemarketer: what is your name?
me: kat
telemarketer: and what is your job title?
me: designer
telemarketer: really? i want to be a designer. i'm trying so hard.
me: right on. keep trying cuz it's totally worth it.
telemarketer: what city are you in?
me: salt lake city
telemarketer: would it surprise you to know that i am calling you from india?
me: no.
telemarketer: really?
me: really. what city?
telemarketer: new delhi
me: awesome.
telemarketer: yes, i am trying to be a designer but i was rejected from the local school-[life story]-free lance work.
me: ...[awestruck]... dude... that's rough.
telemarketer: have a nice day!

4. people always suck in their stomach the moment right before they walk in front of a mirror or large glass window.

ya, i'm totally making this up as i go along. additions?

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

to: the month of may

the other day i went to chevron for a diet coke and my chevron boyfriend was all, "i haven't seen you for a while." and i was all, "ya, i know." and then he was all "where have you been?" and i was all, "i don't know... busy?"

so there you go, month of may. i've been busy.
disinterested, non caffeinated, and busy.

supersonic, idiotic, disconnecting, not respecting...
and busy.