Monday, October 25, 2004

i vote myself most likely to not care

in the last two weeks, i've seen at least 50 million kids i used to go to high school with. i don't remember if they used to be interesting in high school but i do remember that they're not interesting now.

seeing them has not been useful to me.
sadly, it doesn't satisfy my vanity. for some reason i no longer care if people know that i wear makeup now. and stylish jeans. and have non orangey hair.
gladly, it doesn't satisfy a deep seeded need for vengeance. it's not yet important to me that they're fat. or bald. or working at the gap.

i think this blog would've come out a lot nicer if "who's the boss" wasn't on in the background.

number 200 a.k.a. too dang cold

tomorrow i'm going to go to walmart.
and i'm going to buy a hat.
and gloves.
and a scarf.
and some sweaters, sweat shirts, sweat socks.

and some hot chocolate.

Saturday, October 16, 2004


18 year old malorie was talking to some guy on the phone.
after an hour's conversation he asked, "hey, do you think i could call you collect?"
she said, "... um, no... my name's malorie."

malorie also thought 24 squared was... 2.

malorie makes me feel really really smart.

Saturday, October 09, 2004

somewhat mannish

i'm sick.
due to lack of quality employees, and shipping organization, i've been temporarily demoted to candy packager.
and i'm really sick.
and that's fine, really.
but that's why, when i stumbled into work this morning and after 2 seconds work boy (boss' son) came around the corner yelling, "dad!" and then looked at me, and then i looked at him and said, "dude!" and then he said, "hu... sorry. i thought you were my dad", that's why i got a little misty.
and that's fine too.

for the last time, I AM NOT A MAN!!!