Thursday, May 28, 2009


i have a truly disorganized brain and i don't trust it. it doesn't focus or remember. it lacks the ability to think something through in one sitting. it messes with me on a regular basis. it is not to be trusted. i lack the ability to think something through in one sitting which is why i live a life of post-its, lists and journals. that way my pinball machine brain has a safety net.
here is today's work list...
first, i want you to notice the "holiday 2009" heading because ya, i've started christmas.
i really do think this is what the inside of my brain looks like. it started out all nice and neat and flushed to the left, but then i started scribbling little changes and addendums all over it and now my brain would be completely indecipherable to anyone else.
and yes, there's probably a flower doodled somewhere at the bottom of my brain.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

i believe i've isolated the algorithm for making friends

you know how the internet keeps track of your every move and then synthesizes and analyzes all the pertinent material to better place applicable ads on your sidebars?
last week, on my sidebar...
the place to "find your geek match".

you rent one season of "battlestar galactica"...

i feel a special thrill in arguing at work.
i decided to not drink diet coke during the month of may and i will tell you why... because i'm not addicted to diet coke. i mean, i like it. i like that it has no calories. i find it refreshing and delightsome and on par with drinking sunshine and unicorns... but let us get one thing straight, people who i work with, when you compare diet coke to a crack addiction and i say no, diet coke is not crack, and you say yes, it's basically the same thing... you make me insane. and you must be proven wrong.
so i gave up diet coke for the month of may and here's the thing, at no point did i have a caffeine headache or anything like that.
because caffeinated soda is not crack.