Wednesday, May 26, 2004

the hausen boys

last summer, after countless dating discussions, the hausen brothers and i made a goal that in the coming year we would...
that's it.
this was essentially a two part goal: #1 we had to date someone, and #2 we had to like them.
i haven't technically acheived the goal yet, but the hausen brothers are both married... to girls they like. so you see, the goal is sheer brilliance. it takes all the psychotic love/commitment phobia out of dating.
take this goal as your own.
learn it.
live it.
love it.

Monday, May 17, 2004

summer madness

there's only one thing i hate about summer, and that's the incredible flood of blockbuster disaster movies. thankfully the year of the earth destroying meteors is behind us, but what i still want to know is who allowed the movie "the day after tomorrow" to come into being?

it's not going to be good guys.

but i'm still tempted to see it, mostly because i want to find out which corny line inspired the even cornier title.

prediction #1
i'm hoping the plot focuses around a cute but misunderstood brainiac.
some main scientist guy will explain the earth's inevitable doom to the president of the united states. main scientist guy will say something like, "the earth as we know it will die and in it's place an entirely new planet will surface... like saturn... but without the cool rings. everyone will die. like, everyone. california will probably fall into the ocean and antarctica will become a tropical paradise. my point is, this will be even MORE catastrophic than... say... a giant meteor headed towards earth."
and the president will be like, "so... what are you saying?"
main scientist guy: "i'm saying that i'd hate to be anywhere but antarctica tomorrow."
mr. president: "i don't care about tomorrow. i only care about... the day AFTER tomorrow."

prediction #2
of course, i can't help hoping that there will be some kind of romantic secondary plot thrown in for the ladies.
the main woman with clothing that's been strategically torn or, i don't know, burned off will say something like, "i'm so very, very scared."
and an incredibly muscular and expressionless man will say, "it's chaos out there! you'd have to be a madman to go out there... i've gotta go."
main, almost naked woman: "wait! you can't go! i've only known you for 3 hours, but they've been the most magical 3 hours of my life- except for all the nonmagical death and destruction... still, how can you leave knowing what we might have had?"
muscle man: "it's up to me to save humanity."
woman: "oh. ok. well... when will i see you again?"
man: "tomorrow."
woman: "but what if i don't??"
man (almost making an expression): "then i'll see you... the day AFTER tomorrow."
they kiss.

yep, i might have to go see it after all.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

graphic designyness

today was my first day doing graphic designey stuff AT work. they finally bought me a computer, or to be more precise they gave me the computer they originally bought for carolyn.

my job is so great. like, SO great. not because of what i'm doing, or who i'm doing it with, but because i can wear WHATEVER i want and it won't get even a little bit covered in chocolate.

and i feel somewhat justified in calling my mom and making her buy me congratulatory shoes this weekend. you know, the pointy toed, high heeled shoes at nordstroms that you'd never wear if you were bagging candy all day.

ya. those shoes.

Monday, May 03, 2004

as long as i break even


i got some freaky yellow highlights which made me feel like i should audition for "x men"... but then i got it re-done and it totally looks good now.
i would consider that breaking even.

i played powerball and got punched in the mouth so hard that i bled... but then i got a huge carton of cookie dough ice cream as an apology.
again, breaking even.

my bosses are talking about getting me a computer so that i can design stuff for them all the time... but they want to get me a pc rather than a mac.

i met a lot of creepy guys this week...
not even.

sigh... ok.