Monday, March 24, 2008

dare devil

my dog is afraid of his water dish.
it's pathetic.
i thought he'd work through this issue and in the process become a stronger, more self aware dog. i even bought him a shirt to boost morale.

if you look close enough, you can see that he's screaming on the inside.
alas. months have gone by and the dare devil refuses to face his fear no matter how much i roll my eyes at him.
then, the other day i saw a spider and shrieked and ran out of the room.
which was sort of an epiphany.
a sad, strange epiphany.
we all have our phobias and no amount of opposable thumbs is going to change that.
so i bought dare devil a new, small and in no way intimidating water dish. and i have never seen him so hydrated and sure of himself. he tony danza*'s that new water bowl!

and i'm all for having a happy, healthy, hydrated dog... but seriously. i don't do 5am walks.

*shows it "whose the boss"**.
** i really thought i could pull that off.

Friday, March 07, 2008

say it aint so

this morning, while i was driving to work the radio played a smashing pumpkin song, then a weezer song, then an r.e.m. song and then a nirvana song.
i went to to watch the latest episode of "lost" and noticed there were episodes of "my so called life" up and ready to view.
"clueless" is a brilliant, brilliant movie. i know because my sister and i rented it. it was in the "new release" section of blockbuster.

so i'm just wondering which morning it was exactly that i woke up in 1995. not that i have a problem with it. i just feel like maybe the PTBs could've asked or even just warned me before they sent me swirling back in time. i mean, am i supposed to right some life altering wrong from freshman year of high school? or am i supposed to lay low and try to avoid altering the space time continuum? are there snapples in this reality? will a butterfly flapping its wings in tibet cause a hurricane in ontario? i don't even know what night a famous bolt of lightening hit the clock tower! gaah!

man... reality bites.