Wednesday, December 29, 2004


7:05 am alarm goes off. hit snooze.
7:10 am alarm on cell phone goes off. turn off.
7:14 am alarm goes off. hit snooze.
7:15 am second alarm on cell phone goes off. turn off.
7:23 am alarm goes off. turn off.
8:45 am wake up.
8:47 am go into living room. turn on "buffy" on fx (the first episode of season four. v good.)
8:48 am go into kitchen. make scrambled eggs and hot chocolate. not a good combination.
8:52 am make goal to go grocery shopping later.
9:01 am change channel to "dawson's creek" (the episode where jen and jack make out. not good).
9:02 am change back to "buffy" (the second episode of season four. also v good).
9:27 am sister wakes up and comes out and watches "buffy" (second episode. still v good).
9:28 am sister asks if she can have cereal. don't have milk. offer her last egg.
9:29 am internally reemphasize goal to go grocery shopping later.
9:59 am get ready for work.
10:07 am leave for work.
10:19 am arrive at work.
10:21 am go over list of prohects to complete by next week with lyle.
10:23 am get key to factory so can come in and get list of projects done by next week while everyone else is vacationing.
10:24 am check email.
10:35 am make new caramel popcorn box.
10:41 am make another new caramel popcorn box.
10:53 am make new chocolate covered mini pretzel box.
11:00 am make another new chocolate covered mini pretzel box.
11: 09 am check email.
11:10 am read everyone's blogs
11:22 am make new fruit sours candy label.
11:33 am refill paper tray in printer.
11:34 am write this blog.
and i predict that...
11:36 am buy coke from vending machine and consume.

life is good.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

delusions of grandeur

yesterday, i was getting some last minute christmas shopping done at the mall and this guy came up to and was all, "don't i know you?"
and i was all, "not likely."
and he was all, "oh. you should be famous. and also rich."
and i was all, "tell me about it."
and so he handed me a big wad of money. and then just stood there and started clapping.
and then everyone in the mall started applauding.
and someone gave me a tiara.
and then hugh jackman came up to me and was all, "come with me, my love."
sigh... and i did.

that would've been awesome, right?

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

pop culture overload

i just want to hit something.
or someone.
why is there such a consistent barrage of list shows? "outrageous fashion" this and "hotnessy people" that.
and why is paris hilton on every single list?
and why, when they're talking about paris hilton, do they always start by saying, "paris doesn't exactly live... the simple life... [pause for audience laughter at hideously overused pun]"?
forcing me to get up and slap my tv.
why do they do this to me?
you know, i used to like paris hilton, back in the day when everyone hated her. but now everyone's all, "oh paris, what list have you gotten yourself onto now" and it makes me completely insane.
and also, mtv gave her an award for the catch phrase of 2004... "that's hot." and in a post award show interview they asked her what 2005's catch phrase would be and she said... "loves it."
which hurts me.

what if people actually start saying it?

Monday, December 06, 2004

eavesdrop this

two transcripts in a row.
completely unforgivable.

i was actually early for church on sunday. i was very smug. and also very eavesdroppy.

boysittingbehindme#1 (henceforth he will be called "bob"): hey.
"steve" (a.k.a. boysittingbehindme#2): hey.
bob: i haven't seen you in forever.
steve: ya.
bob: not since you got halo 2.
steve: ya. i've been in my room playing it.
bob: ... so, how are you?
steve: all right.
bob: ya?
steve: ya. how are you?
bob: all right.
steve: ya?
bob: ya.
steve: how's your love life?
bob: hehehe
steve: hehehe... no seriously.
bob: it's all right.
steve: ya?
bob: ya.
steve: like, i'm friends with a lot of girls in the ward.
bob: ya?
steve: ya.
bob: ...
steve: ...
bob: ... that sucks.
steve: ya.

and then i started giggling and they started whispering.