Wednesday, December 31, 2003

resolve THIS, sucker

i am NOT going to make resolutions this year.
i never keep them, and thus i spend the first two weeks of the year feeling guilty. plus, i don't really want to change.
maybe instead i'll make some anti-resolutions.
anti-resolution 1: i will not hang up my clothes right when i take them off. i realize not hanging up my clothes makes my room messy. i'm ok with that.
a.r.2: i will not eat healthier. i like cheetos. i also like chocolate. and mountain dew. and taco bell (i really like taco bell).
a.r.3: i will not get a's in all my classes. i graduate in april. i just need to pass the classes. give me b's or c's and a life anyday.
a.r.4: i will not stop watching tv. i like it. i like that i can turn it on and watch it for hours at a time. i like that when i watch tv, i don't have to move or talk or think.
a.r.5: i will not try to find mr. right. i don't have time.

happy new year!

Sunday, December 28, 2003

bad date

when you're in a very crowded food court and you're gasping for breath because you've just managed to hack the piece of panda express food you were choking on across the table at your date, what do you you say to him as he stares warily at you?
a. "don't you just love their orange chicken?"
b. "so... you're an english major?"
c. "i did that to teach you a lesson about being prepared. do you even know how to give the heimlich manuever? do you even know?? answer me!!"
d. "ya... i'm not sexy."

Monday, December 08, 2003


i'm not the most observant of people, that's a given, but have you noticed that my little "imood" link thing on this page has been set to "rested" for about three months?
three months!!
um, guys... i'm not rested. i don't remember my password to "imood" so i can't change it. but i'm not. i'm the opposite of rested. i'm the amazing UNrested girl. i am queen over all that is unresty. are we clear?
NOT rested.

Tuesday, December 02, 2003


everyone i know has a life plan. some big, dream life they're trying to form into a reality.
i don't.
i'm dreamless. dream free. lacking all that is dream-based.
oh! but i do have random "dreamlets" which i fully intend to incorporate into my life.
i don't know if i'm going to have a career, if i'm going to work, or what- nor do i really care- but my career dreamlet does involve me owning a mac laptop computer and cute glasses.
i don't dream about where i'm going to live or how much money i'll make, but i do dream of a dining room with red walls.
i don't dream about being married. i do dream of a wedding with tons of candles and flowers. and punch. i most definately dream about punch.