Thursday, July 30, 2009

on sunday, my family and i celebrated the 42nd* annual julymas and i like to think you were all celebrating along with me... in your hearts.
the form my celebration took was to cook the traditional mountain of food and then eat it.
sadly, i didn't take any pictures of the feast but i did make a quick sketch of what it was basically like...

i'm very talented.

*give or take.

Friday, July 17, 2009

a post wherein i complain about cell phones

i hate cell phones.
with an "on fire with anger" kind of a vehemence.

mostly because i'm awkward on the phone.

like, painfully awkward.
and then you add to that all the, "are you still there?"s and "... wait, what did you say?"s and the "hahaha... i'm replying to you in the most ambiguous way possible because i'm not really sure what you said and i don't want to ask you to repeat yourself AGAIN but i think you might've said something about your kid"s... cell phone conversations are a misery.

but what i hate even more is that i CANNOT remember how people functioned before cell phones. my family didn't have a cell phone until i was 17 and i didn't have my own until my sophmore or junior year of college so i know i used to be okay. but i don't remember how it actually worked when i was running late or had car trouble or needed a ride. did i use payphones all the time?
it bothers me that i don't remember.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

baba o'riley

last week, i went to the first of this summer's twilight concert series. it was all very impressive. from the flannel shirts to the crystal spiders to the solitary blonde effectively blocking the view of a whole wad of people by standing on a chair and trying to nonchalantly see who was looking at her (answer: all the people who can't see the stage because you're standing on a chair. that's who's looking at you).
by far the most impressive part of the whole thing was jenny lewis, whose voice is much more powerful than rilo kiley ever led me to believe.

i like music (possibly the most daring opinion anyone has ever posted on any website ever)(i'm a maverick) but having as many audiophile friends as i do, i don't feel i can claim anything more than that. as it is i'm worried i might have to prove my likeage through a series of trivia questions and karaoke challenges.

please. never put me through that kind of mental torture.

the other day, one of the little candy packaging balls of angst came into my office to brag about the class he'll be taking during his first semester of college.
"history of rock and roll".
now i know and you know this class is not going to be what he thinks it's going to be (coughcougheasyAcough) and that's okay. but you know what's not okay? the blank expression on his face when i jokingly offered to lend him some cds (the specific cds aren't important (coughcoughzeppelincough)). you know what else was not okay? his long pause and his earnest response, "um... no thanks. i'm pretty sure this class is basically going to be about, like, elvis."
this was the moment my new project (read: "new mix cd" (read: "rock 101: know it, don't blow it")) was born. a compilation of rock songs i really, just... like.

here's the question:
what's the first song you would think of to include in your own "know it, don't blow it" mix?

mine was the beatles "helter skelter".
i don't know why.

Monday, July 13, 2009

the thing i like best about gardening is that when i talk to people about it, i get to use the word "literally" a lot.
as in
"yep, i have a garden, so i get to literally enjoy the fruits of my labor."

because i'm growing strawberries.


get it? ... it's fruit.

thank you for listening.