Monday, February 16, 2009

in less than 60 hours i will be on my way to dublin and i cannot tell you how excited i am, wait, yes i can.
because i am literate.

i'm very excited.

of course i also realize that in less than 40 hours, i'll have a knot in my stomach and will start wondering if there's any way i can get myself out of this trip and shouldn't i just stay home and watch tv instead?
because i am a crazy person.
and i recognize that.
i broke out in hives two days before i went on my cruise.

so if i write any desperate, kidnapping victim type blogs in the next couple of days, just do what my friends do in real life: roll your eyes and say, "oh, kat. you'll be fine."

Sunday, February 15, 2009

as is the way of my life, i spent the first half of february up to my elbows in frosting.
it was sexy.
wait, no. no it wasn't.
i was a little less willing to do the frosting heart thing this year because while i was working 10 hour days, i kept picturing my actual work piling up and up and up toward the heavens... and i just didn't want to deal.
but it was fine. because even with the frosting and the work and the commuting and my determination to run sprint intervals every night so i could fit into the "ireland pants" i'd ordered online with a 37" inseam that i was GOING to fit into because they're a size smaller than i usually wear and seriously, if i was going to be shopping in a land with european sizing, i was going to need pants sized in the single digits to change back into and stop me from hating myself... i love valentine's day.
my love has been tested.
my love has been proven.
and nothing can tear us asunder.