Thursday, May 29, 2008


dear scramble posse,

let's face it, i put more mental energy into a game of scramble than i do in an entire day of work.
but i'm dealing with a slight deluge at work which is using up too much mental focus.
and also too much time.
i promis i will be back shortly.
and when i am, believe me, you will all bow down before my scramble genius.

especially you em.


Monday, May 19, 2008


i go back and forth on the whole "being busy" spectrum.
more importantly i go back and forth on whether i like being busy.
i like being active. i like being busy with a project that has an end point. confidentially, i like being busy when it makes me feel important. seriously. that's how i roll.
i don't like being busy for busyness' sake. i don't like being busy with a project that i know will never come to fruition. i don't like being busy because i spent too much time commuting.
and i don't like being busy on really hot, sunshiny days like today when i'm pretty sure my calling in life involves sitting in a big inflatable chair in the middle of a swimming pool.
days like to day make me think i should stop and i should smell the flowers.

... he's smelling flowers.
i swear.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

raised by the t.v.

let's get down to business.

here are the best television theme songs of all time.
i am of course lying.
sorry to get your hopes up.
actually these are simply the theme songs i could serenade you with if you were with me right now...

"perfect strangers"

"silver spoons"

"fresh prince of bel-air"

"the monkees"


"charles in charge"

"mad about you"


not to mention the songs i could hum...
"the a-team", "doogie howzer", "arrested development"...

be thankful we're miles and miles apart.