Wednesday, March 31, 2004


now, let's say that flakeyness is something that can only be defined by comparison.
let's say there's some kind of ever changing flakeyness spectrum and the entire population creates a nice little bell curve over said spectrum and on one end there's an extremely non flake-ish person and on the other end there's jessica simpson.
and the person who's even more flakey than jessica simpson on the flake spectrum would be me.
because yesterday i didn't go to work or school.
bcause i couldn't find my car key.

and also i think i'm addicted to "dawson's creek" now.

Wednesday, March 24, 2004


i hate pc's. i hate the hbll. and most of all, yes, most of all, i HATE fhe videos.

Monday, March 15, 2004


my dog's name is dasie. i like to spell her name d-a-s-i-e instead of d-a-i-s-y because my other dog's name was sadie and i'm the only person in america who thinks it's cool that you can use the same letters for both names.
last night i went up to salt lake because my dad's out of town. i ate dinner with my mom and grandma and dasie.
now for the crux of the story. dasie is FAT! so incredibly fat. like jaba the hut but cocker spaniel style. my mom blames it on dasie's recent dependency on steroids, but i strongly believe that would result in buffness (and maybe a little butchness) rather than fatness.
the mystery of her intense obesity was cleared at dinner when dasie got to eat everything i ate out of her special sunday bowl. the only difference was dasie got served before me. ok, fine, i'm on equal footing with my mom's dog, whatever. but, i ask you, is it fair that she got a bowl of ice cream for desert??
and i didn't???

Thursday, March 11, 2004

looks like i have a lot to ponder

if i get married, i'm going to have to live with a boy. i never really thought about it and honestly i don't really know what all that will entail, but i'm pretty sure it won't involve the 3 am taco bell binges, the spontaneous dance parties to the theme song from "fame", or the life threatening tricks on the big-yellow-ball-of happiness. the three things that i really love about my life won't be included in the future. unless i marry a gay man.
which reminds me! josh groban might just be the most annoying man on fm100 right now.

i'm really poor right now. like, really poor. i know you all can relate. i've been in this pretty consistant state of denial ever since my grandpa cut me off last december, but yesterday it hit me because i have a hole in my tennis shoe and i can't afford new ones. do you hear that?? i don't like it. i don't like being poor. and what if i never figure out a way to not be poor?
which reminds me! i watched "the fabulous life of the hilton sisters". why do they insist on wearing only half a skirt when they could totally afford a whole one?

in my design class, we have to take the elements of the american flag (re: red, white, and blue/ stars and stripes) and redesign it so it makes a sociopolitical statement. unfortunately my opinions lie in neither the socio nor the political realm and i really don't think they'd appreciate a project on dating in a single's ward. i listened to the radio from hell show on x96 all week hoping they would give me a sociopolitical opinion, but nothing really stuck. i even watched the "sharon osbourne show" as a last resort... nuthin'.
which reminds me! rebecca from the real world seattle season is in a band with keanu reeves! how?? and more importantly, why???

someone said this to me a few days ago, "you're so weird. maybe you shouldn't email me anymore." lately it seems like every email/blog/lovenote/video/EVERYTHING i do gets the precursor "weird" attached to it. i tried to write a nice, normal email to that person in penance and came to the very swift conclusion that i'd rather be weird than boring.
which reminds me! how is it that my blog is a link on the oprah winfrey diet plan web page? now that's weird.

Thursday, March 04, 2004


sitting across from me in design class today was "luxor".
his name isn't really luxor. i named him that in my head.
and i fully realize that luxor isn't really a name, it's a casino.
still, his name is luxor and if you saw him you'd know why. he looks like the villain from a bad sci-fi movie. he has way too much hair and he's into welding and i'm pretty sure he's plotting my downfall.

Tuesday, March 02, 2004


listen... i understand that jeffrey and i are not best friends.
i understand that him borrowing my pirated copy of "zoolander" a year and a half ago does not constitute a real relationship.
i understand that i am not his confidante nor his girlfriend.
i understand that he isn't actually my real life version of "cronk".
i understand this.
what i don't understand is how any girl could ever kick him in the heart.
or why when i saw his ex girlfriend walk past my apartment today i had to stop myself from going outside and pummeling her.