Tuesday, December 27, 2005

work it

i'm not really in a "christmas with the peterson family" story telling kind of a mood.
so here's a picture of my dad, carolyn, and me dancing.

and if you don't find it that funny, maybe you should look at it again but this time hum something like "hypnotize" or "let's get it started".

Monday, December 19, 2005


i don't think my title needs any explanation.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

ho ho ho

dear family, friends, and other,

merry christmas!

you all mean so very much to me. and that's why for your gifts this year i've made a donation in your name to the "save kathryn's car" foundation.

because it's all about giving, really.


Tuesday, December 13, 2005


according to several sources, the ugliest dog in the world died.
days before his 15th birthday.

may he rest in peace.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

get L O S T

this weekend i experienced what will go down in history as the great L O S Tathon of 2005.
pretty self explanatory, it involved laying on my homemade futon with chocolate mini donettes, diet coke, and my lap top and rewatching the entire first season of "L O S T" in a 72 hour period.
sigh... oh, "L O S T".
and i was L O S T. 100% emmersed in the show.
and now that i've pretty much L O S T touch with reality in a way that only a person who's been doing nothing but watching fictional characters play gilligan for three days can, let me tell you...
sawyer has a very fine abdominal section and i'm glad he's so very proud of it.
locke is still creepy.
second only to walt.
and the french lady.
and i'm telling you, the "monster" is something mechanical. the numbers are everywhere. did i mention sawyer's abs? if iraqi soldiers are all like sayid then i don't get how they L O S T the gulf war. michael's totally going to go after sun at some point. who hasn't kate killed? and isn't it convenient that a nigerian heroin smuggler crashed on the island?
and hurley.
i just love him.

i don't actually have a point. really truly i don't. i'm not even sure whether to mock myself by bringing up the fact that i cry during every sun/jin episode or try to convince as many people as i can to join the L O S Tness.
so i settled on making as many "L O S T" puns as i could without sounding like an "e!" channel list show ("it looks like katie holmes and tom have set their love on 'cruise' control")

Thursday, December 08, 2005


there are certain things you can pull off in your youth...

that you can't continue pulling off when you're no longer "just a girl"...

i don't know why.
it's true though.
and for the most part i've come to terms with it. i can't dye my hair purple, i can't wear plastic jewelry, and i should probably get rid of a good portion of my t-shirts.

but at least i'm not wearing leggings.
stupid gwen stefani.

Monday, December 05, 2005

you're fired

stuck in my head: "ice ice baby" by vanilla ice.
i'm not proud of it.

reason #217 why i wish i'd called in sick today...

caught in between two sides of an extremely catty power play.
and i've watched "the apprentice" often enough to know that the person who lets themselves get caught in the middle usually ends up being fired.

forget me not

yes. the rumors are true. i forgot my mother's birthday yesterday.
i'm pretty sure you can go to hell for something like that.
my karma's completely messed up now. on my way to work this morning i HIT A GARBAGE CAN and shattered my side view mirror.

something must be done. something drastic. something to reallign the beautiful cosmos of my life. so i've been going through the list of presents i've bought recently but haven't ended up giving people to see what i can give my mother to appease her.
trendy bright green necklace? no.
wallet with bunny that says "buy me stuff and i'll be nicer"? probably not.
darth vader mask? hmm... not bad.
a can of chicken and stars soup? perhaps.
gift certificate to book store? that actually might work.
chocolate, lot's and lot's of chocolate? duh.
a kite with a dragon on it? hot chocolate mix? a pair of earrings that broke? my first born??

i'm in so much trouble.

Friday, December 02, 2005


stuck in my head: "it's judy's turn to cry"
but just the chorus, cuz that's all i know.

reason 77 why i hate winter
i woke up late, jumped in the shower, jumped out of the shower, threw on some clothes, ran out the door... and died.

froze to death.
right there.
on the sidewalk.
i knew this girl (or knew a girl who knew this girl) (or something) who grew up in alaska, and was on the swim team and after practice they'd have to run to the locker rooms with were in a different building. and the girls' hair would freeze. and once another girl karate chopped her frozen hair and it BROKE OFF!