Monday, September 29, 2003

wanna put my sociopolitical heart in a blender

i'm not going to lie to you. i went to the "big ass show" on saturday. i went... ryan went... a million punk 14 year olds went... and it was great. really great.
it's complete greatness isn't attributed to eve 6's posing and self proclaimed "sociopolitical music", nor to the little punk girls wearing pink, nor to the 30 year old drunkies trying to imitate a budweiser commercial and failing miserably because they were too drunk to walk straight. the "big ass show" was great because i had an epiphany. i've always considered myself the eternal 15 year old kat inside. and that's why i react to dating, school, authority figures, and everything else the way i do. but i finally indulged 15 year old kat. i did something i've always wanted to do. i went to a rock concert.
and i thought it was lame.
i think 15 year old kat it growing up.
and that's great.

Friday, September 26, 2003

today i ate some chocolate

i can't tell you where i got it. i can't tell you who made it. i can't tell you what one of the ingredients is, or how i found out, or who told me.

all i can tell you is, i consumed two candy bars worth of "labido" today.

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

uh oh

i found out that we make dark chocolate truffles.
this can only end in obesity.

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

it all started with an english book

an english book that was sold out.
an english book that was sold out but which none the less i needed.
i special ordered this book, this horrible, sold out, english book. because i needed it. for a paper. for a really dull paper that my teacher didn't explain.
i waited for the book. i waited for a week. i went to meet the english book several times, and each time this thoughtless english book stood me up.
i felt that the egocentric english book would be there for me today.
i gave up $7 of m time to get the book.
the book was there! i could see it! i could touch it! i could take it home!... once i showed some picture i.d.
i had a credit card with my name on it. i had a library card with my name on it. i had a cell phone with my name on it. i had a social security card with my name on it. i'm me. i'm most definately me.
the bookstore lady wasn't convinced.
that english book is a tease.
i went to get a school i.d. so i could get the book.
the school i.d. lady asked me for picture i.d.
i had a credit card with my name on it. i had a library card with my name on it. i had a cell phone with my name on it. i had a social security card with my name on it.
i'm me! i'm most definately me!
why won't anyone believe me?

Friday, September 12, 2003


turns out i'm the "girl who people ask out but never actually go out with" (i'm also the "girl who inevitably spills all over her new white shirt", but that's a different tirade for a different time and a different place).
i don't go on many dates- much to my mother's chagrin- and i'm okay with it since dates scare me and promote shopping therapy (which promotes an empty bank account). what i'm not okay with is the recent realization i've come to that i get asked out quite often with no results. the dates always get cancelled, or postponed, or morphed into the dreaded "non date".
i believe i know the reason... i eat a lot... a lot. i can only deduce that these poor boys ask me out with the best of intentions only to realize the immensity of my appetite. and they can't afford it, so they're forced to back out.
i feel really bad about it.
poor boys.
from now on when i get asked out, i'll promise to order a salad and some water. that will set their minds at ease.
and i'll eat a pizza before they pick me up.

Thursday, September 11, 2003

it's tradition

all of a sudden, out of nowhere, taking me by complete surprise, it has become... fall.

many of you who know me well, might be wondering if i'm having my traditional autumnal break down. surprisingly i remain immune. there are some factors that we need to go over...
factor, the first: i've been too busy to dwell.
factor, the second: fall fashions.
factor, the third: comfort from the fact that even at it's worst, this fall couldn't possibly be as horrid as last fall.

Thursday, September 04, 2003

15 minutes of fame

a confession:
my freshman year of college my roomates and i had a band and we performed on campus a couple of times, and we made a cd, and we never had a name, and we drove some of the freshmen boys wild.
i don't like to dwell on that part of my college history, but it's there none the less.

sigh... i just got recognized from it.
i ran out of the room. it had to be done.
the guy even remembered one of the songs we wrote.
...and i think i might be blushing.

Tuesday, September 02, 2003


i went to moab with my parents this weekend and came away from it with some new lessons learned. here are some important DO's for a peterson family vacation...

while nobody's looking, DO go through the "travelling cd's" and hide anything with the phrase "... classic country story ballads" in the title.

if the mythical "organic black crust" is found while hiking DO jump up and down and shout "le sol vit! le sol vit!"

when my mom enthusiastically explains her plan to leave her key chain collection as a legacy to my children, DO exclaim "why?!" with a look of fear and repugnance.

if a rattlesnake is encountered at dead horse point, DO burst into a crocodile hunter impression in front of all the non-english speaking tourists.

while watching "i love the 70's", DO explain that the commentary is sarcastic and not meant as a personal attack against the osmond's.

when my dad accidentally drifts off the canyon road, then overcorrects making the car spin uncontrollably, then squeals to a stop an inch away from some rock monument, DO say, "that... was... AWESOME."