Friday, December 18, 2009

dear my local congressman,

hey there. it's an honor to correspond with you today. i totally voted for you.
here's the thing, as a resident of the great state of ski utah i truly understand the concept of snow storms being an inevitability. two months of a frickin' winter wonderland and then 2 months of dispair. and you know what? fine. i don't blame you, my local congressman or congresswoman or whomever you are, for the weather. i blame the weatherman. and jack frost who i would love to personally nip in the ahem nose.
but where are the plows? where are they? why am i always driving to work in this?
and also, do you know how hard it is to find your camera in your purse and take a picture while sliding across a 4 lane freeway?
as a resident of a state with a foreseeable 4 month actually snowy winter, isn't there supposed to be an allotted number of tax dollars going towards, you know, not having cars smash into each other?
i'm just saying.

love and kisses,