Tuesday, June 26, 2007


in the last two weeks i've come across/been referred to a handful of art blogs.
i was going to post the links up in the corner (check it) but wanted to give a little exposition about them.

about a week ago i came across this blog which lead me to my latest obsession... drawergeeks.com. they choose a new theme every couple of weeks and whoever wants to, submits drawings, and it kind of reminds me of some of the art classes i took in college except the themes are much much cooler. i was never required to draw my interpretation of indiana jones. ever. i was asked to draw an egg. an apple. a blender. a guy in a speedo...

i also came across a couple of photo blogs like this and this. photography is one of my nontalents. i had to take a photo class when i first started the art program at the y, and i hated it. the teacher was mean, the students were harsh, but mostly i have no grasp for photography. when i have to take pictures at work, i would rather hurriedly take a picture and fix it in photoshop than deal with lighting and settings and the inevitable frustration when the pictures don't turn out. so it impresses me to see people who know what they're doing. and i can't remember if it was one of the above sites or a different one where the person made a goal to post a new photo everyday so they'd constantly be practicing and perfecting. i think that's amazing.

but not as amazing as this blog. i've linked to this guy's first entry. he decided about 5 years ago that he wanted to learn how to draw so he made a goal to draw and post something every day. here is his latest post.

anyways, after reading all of these i come away inspired.
to do what?
... i don't know.

enjoy the links.
and please share some of your own if you have any.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

is this seat taken?

picture me.
at a party.
sitting alone.
probably looking dejected.
wondering where all the people i know have gone.
and if i should maybe go meet some people.
until some guy comes up and says, "hey." to which i virtually beam with relief.
"oh hi!!" i say, "how's it going?"
"um... ok... is anyone sitting here?"
"hu? why no! so what are you up to??"
"not much." guy picks up chair and leaves.
picture me.
at a party.
sitting alone.
and laughing hysterically.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

number 500 a.k.a. voodoo...doo

one of the weirder product lines i've had to design packaging for is our "droppings" line. chocolate covered nuts which have been cleverly renamed after various animal fecal matter.
it is upsetting.
mostly because my people were brought up to believe feces should not be cutesied up.
plus the labels are kind of plain so i get bored easy.

see? kind of plain. we put the droppings in a paper bag and no, the funny of that isn't lost on me and then we put the labels on the bag and then people buy them for a reason i've yet to figure out.
it was around elephant droppings time when i started to get a little campy and design labels for my own amusement. first there was this slight variation...

and then there was this...

yes. yes i did find this way more amusing than i should have.
and yes, yes i did print out these ideas and put them on peoples desks.
and yes, in fact they did get sent with the rest of the actual label ideas to our california sales rep who's in charge of the droppings line.
and yes, she thought it was serious.
and yes, she got really enthusiastic about the pink elephant droppings.
and yes, this is my personal hell.

thank you for asking.

but seriously, who wouldn't realize how much of a joke that is?

nobody gets me.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

acuter amnesia

so, a few days ago, i was at work and i was putting nutritional information and ingredients on candy labels, and double checking the spelling and making sure everything was centered, and then sending a big batch of labels off to the printers.
it was very tedious.
and that's when it hit me. an idea for a blog. i was going to whine about something and then i was going to find a youtube link which somehow connected and i was going to embed it in the blog.
and it was going to rock your world.

except i can't remember what it was i was going to whine about.
or embed.

for the last two days i've been trying to go about my life thinking it would all come back to me as these things typically do.
but i've got nothing.

and frankly, it's time to move on. so there you go, i've whined about forgetting what i was going to whine about and since there's nothing on youtube that in any way connects to what i've just said, here's a scene from "arrested development" carolyn linked to a bit ago.

i love that show.