Monday, November 16, 2009

best of

by the end of last year, i was basically doing a non stop "i hate 2008!" chant, mostly because i enjoy rhyming. those of you who know me well probably got to see me do it. i imagine that while doing so, i looked something like this...

in some ways this year has been harder, but in the final tallying, this year has had some pretty great high points and since i feel the new year looming, i think it's time to list 2,009 things that made the year 2009 awesome.
and when i say i'm going to list 2,009 things... i am lying.

i will never be that thankful. also, i will never have an attention span that intense.

top travels: dublin, san francisco

top moment: flight of the conchords in concert, sundance film festival.

top tv finds:
truly interesting people don't watch tv because it's a waste of time and instead of watching fictional people do interesting things, we should all be out doing interesting things ourselves... whatever, i love tv. this year was especially bountiful because this is the year i found "freaks and geeks" (thanks revamped79), "west wing" (except for the last couple of seasons)(thanks mom), and "battlestar galactica" (thanks all you people who had a tinge of shame in your voice when you let it slip that you were skipping out of work early to catch the season premier).

top creations: drunken onesies

top reconnection with college friend: the chad visit

top family moment: becoming an aunt. almost. in like a week, i'll be an aunt. and i can already tell that this will be one of the best things of my life.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

b.t.dub- 7 yr bloggerversary

9 years ago, i was a sophmore in college and i was not happy about it and i will tell you why in great detail because there is nothing more important than delving into the trials of the nineteen year old co-ed.
because there is, of course, nothing to delve. my first day back at college i almost consciously decided i hated my roommates and my apartment and my neighbors who just happened to be the cool kids from my high school and the boy who didn't love me even a little.
i hated them all.
after about thirty seconds.
all i can say is it seemed completely rational at the time.

the upside of hating my roommates and apartment and neighbors and boy who didn't love me even a little was that campus became a refuge. after class, i'd spend the day hidden away at a corner cubical in the basement of the library with fresh bread from the campus bakery and a bottle of apple juice and my homework and my walkman which basically played "every breath you take: the classics" by the police for like an entire month.

i bring this up for no other reason than the arrow 103.5 played both "every little thing she does is magic" and "king of pain" while i was driving to work today.
and i'm telling you i was back in the library drinking apple juice and reading about opportunity cost.

and i didn't even need a gigawatt.

Friday, November 06, 2009

autoimmune hemolytic anemia.
i googled "cocker spaniel blood disease" and that's what popped up.
in any case, that's what my parents' (mom's) dog has. she's had it forfreakingever and as i understand it, up to this point it simply means she takes steroids and gets to live life as the most spoiled creature on planet earth.
last week little daisy crashed and ended up having to get a blood transfusion. and now she gets super high doses of steroids and daily blood tests at the vet. i've taken her to the vet a few times and have come to the very black and white conclusion that there are two types of people;* animal people and not animal people. the animal people read "little daisy crashed" and had some sort of sympathetic aww-ish sound go through their head. the not animal people read "blood transfusion" and thought "they paid to give a blood transfusion to a dog??"

you know, and there is no right or wrong.
except for the not animal people.
you are very very wrong.

the people at the vet's office are an interesting bunch. a bit brusque and rather awkward (my new catch phrase, thanks to the centrifugey tech guy is "boogie on", by the way) and just not people persons. it's horribly obvious they couldn't care less about the frazzley haired giantess in front of them. but they're so sweet and at ease with daisy.
so that's kind of weird too.

*i'm experimenting with the semicolon. i'm not exactly sure what it's purpose is but i feel like i've ignored it for far too long.