Thursday, August 21, 2008

fast times

the teeny boppers have started school again which, let's face it, is thrilling.
nine years ago i made it out of high school unscathed with less than a handful of names on my vengeance list, and as a result i don't think about high school much. until i talk with the teensy tiny teeny boppers. today i've made a point of asking them how their day was as they walk in to work and this is what i've gotten so far...

"how was your day?"

"fine. i just basically fell in love today, that's all."

"i pretty much hate all my classes."

"this kid named rocky passed the spirit stick on to me."

"i wore my 'many dates' shirt today."

"this guy came up and talked to me today and he was pretty cool and we were both wearing green and then my friends told me later not to like him because he's a jerk and they told me some stories about him but, like, you can't just stop being in love with someone in one day."

i'm telling you.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

a pictoral day in the life

i wish i had more cause to use the word "pastoral" in my everyday life.
i don't know why.

i really like my life.
i'm saying that outright because i don't think it comes across in my (lack of) blogs. ever. the blogging voice is an ever surly voice. if my blog had an actual voice, i imagine it would sound quite a bit like john stossel but hopefully without any implications of a mustache.

i wish i had more cause to use the phrase "mustached lothario".
i don't know why.


that's what my bedroom floor looks like.
inability to hang up clothes is my worst "housekeeping" trait. this is a very dull topic, i accept that, but i feel very very passionately about how much i hate hanging up clothes.

that is a picture of my dog. he sleeps a solid 23 hours every day.
i have been sleeping a solid 9.5 hours every night. i have two alarms in my room and they are useless against me.
my theory is that i have a thyroid disorder of some sort, but nobody at work believes me. they say if i stopped drinking diet coke i wouldn't be so tired. their theory goes against everything caffeine stands for but when i point that out my coworkers roll their eyes and walk away.
anyways, sometimes when i'm bored i like to wake up ziggy for my own amusement...
he loves it.
he also loves that my sheets have flowers on them. he thinks it's cool and he doesn't care what anyone else thinks.

i'm at work right now.
this is what i look at all day...
this is what my computer looks at all day...
this is what i think about all day...
(the rest of the annie leibovitz disneyland pictures are here)

this is what i spend a lot of time trying not to think about...
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this is what my computer thinks about...

um... that's really all i've got so far.