Thursday, June 26, 2008

jury duty

i don't know how it happened, but somehow i am a registered voter.
i know this because i got a nice little note in the mail telling me i've got jury duty.
federal jury duty.
for four months.
and i want to be all patriotic and excited, but instead i'm filled with dread because i would seriously be like the worst jury member of all time ever.
because i'm squeamish.
and i tend not to pay attention to anything that starts crossing over into jargon mode.
and "12 angry men" is one of my favorite movies.

stupid "rock the vote" commercials.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


my chevron boyfriend is officially a u.s. citizen today. after ten years.
i asked him what he was going to do to celebrate.
he said, "party."
ah, the american way.

thanks matt, moydie, and brandon for keeping me updated on charlie the unicorn. it made me laugh.

however, after seeing this, you'll have to excuse me while i bang my head repeatedly against a wall.
no offense to you who are obsessed with the books.
it's just not my thing.
people seem to think it's my thing.
because i like "buffy".
but the buffy thing is not same thing as this thing which i repeat is just not my ... thing.

oh! in postscript. i occasionally forget to take my cell phone with me sometimes so to those who called me last friday, sorry i missed you.
i have never felt so popular as i did when i got home on friday night.

Friday, June 13, 2008

many things to many people

on not coming to work on saturday...
"salt lake needs me out there... even more than it needs me in here tormenting lyle."

on doing laundry...
"how was the laundromat?"
"that's to keep the clothes fresh."

mostly i just wanted to post something on friday the 13th.

please tell me your best quote of the day.

ahem... top that!
if you would be so kind.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


i am a spaz.
and the more taciturn a person is, the more garrulous i become.
to fill the silence.
as someone who errs on the side of spazziness, i sometimes wonder how the other side thinks. that look of fear and awe as i prattle on... i assume the thought behind it is, "wow. does she ever stop talking?" and the answer is no, no i don't. not until i'm interrupted or out of breath.
but, you know, maybe the thought behind the look is "if she stops talking i'm going to have to speak. social awkwardness! gaah!" or "i don't feel so good... wait, i had a tomato earlier! i probably have salmonella! gaah!"
there could be a multitude of reasons for the look of terror and abhorrence that have nothing to do with my conversational skills.

ya, i know.