Wednesday, November 26, 2008


my sister got married yesterday morning. carolyn's new sister-in-law invited my parents and me over to her house last night for a family dinner. always being the forward thinker "that kat, she always thinks one step ahead". yep. that's what they say. i bought a video camera and brought it with me to the dinner because i wanted you guys to be able to witness two families meeting for the first time.
here you go.


Friday, November 21, 2008

desk mess

i was going to write a poem about what my job is like this time of year but i couldn't think of anything that rhymes with "mmflkjdfhjaweoilikjdsaAAAAaaa"...

also, i don't write poems.

at about 8:30 last night i decided the best way to express to you what my job is like this time of year would be to take pictures of my desk while i spun around in my chair.

it was fun.
i'm awesome.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


i was totally psyched when em tagged me to list 6 quirks.
"yes! finally! something to blog about!", thought i.

cuz i've got nuthin'.

but seriously people, for the last six years i've done nothing BUT regale you with my quirks. my quirks, oddities, nuances, subtleties, henceforth, ditto ditto, etc, etc... and bless you for going along with it all. "what's that? you like diet coke? haha! what ho! good times!"
above and beyond, really. you guys are fantastic.
well, but let's be honest, you're not perfect. you've got some quirks of your own and don't even think i haven't noticed which is why, in an ever so slight change in protocol, i'm going to list my working title six favorite other people quirks.

let the record show

#1 spliz is incapable of saying "nauseous". it's "nauseated". in fact, it's been so indoctrinated in me that i now say "nauseated" instead of "nauseous".
i don't know why nauseated is correct and nauseous isn't.
i don't even know that spliz knows why nauseated is correct and nauseous isn't but she has always said it with complete and utter confidence that i don't dare argue the point. but here's something to ponder, why are we always talking about nausea?

#2 someday, when you go out to eat with splincoln, look in his wallet. no, don't take the money, just look at it because i can guarantee it's perfectly organized.
like, perfectly. organized.
in ascending order. all facing the same way. all these little presidents in a row.
and it is slightly unnerving.

now look in my wallet.
yep, that's right. it's empty.


#3 so, it's possible this actually points to the the horrible truth at the epicenter of our friendship which is our tendency to get caught in awkward and i mean awkward conversations chagrined but in such moments h has this tendency to consolingly pet her head as though her internal voice is saying, "ssh, sssh... it's okay. it will all be okay."
my internal voice is usually saying something very similar like "run!!"

#4 now em listed a self quirk about how she doesn't dance in public and i am going to contradict that because while she may not like dancing in public she does do it
and i have seen it
and i will now break it down. it involves making two rock concert devil fists, closing her eyes, and shaking.
try it. it's fun.

#5 this is a newly acquired quirk. my sister's fiance is from iran and is still in the process of learning english this is not the quirk so when speaking to him, it's best to speak slowly and simply and try really hard not to raise your voice 3 levels because for some reason that's what people always do when there's a language barrier. anyways, like all engaged couples they are around each other 37 hours a day 8 days a week and when they're not together they're on the phone or texting this is not the quirk and you can always tell when carolyn has just gotten off the phone with mohammad pause to react to his name because she forgets this is the quirk that you actually do speak english.
quite well i might add.

#6 living with my grandmother has been awesome thus far because she has easily the most endearing quirks of anyone i know. my favorite of late is her tendency to transfer her daily worries to my dog.
example A: "ziggy was worried because you were out so late."
example B: "the roofers make ziggy nervous."
example C: "ziggy didn't think dinner turned out very well."
ziggy is a very complex individual

so there you go. six quirks.
six lovely little quirks.

see? it's not always just about me people.

Monday, November 10, 2008

because i know you've missed him...

crazy cousin once removed: well... obama's the president.
me: yep.
aunt: did you vote?
me: ya. i baROCKed my vote.
ccor: i voted for mccain because he was in 'nam.
me: right on.
ccor: not that it even matters who's president.
me: why?
ccor: because all the real decisions are made by an elite, secret society.
me: gasp! ...the pentavirate?
ccor: i don't know what they're named but i know they're calling all the shots.
me: right on.
ccor: not that it even matters what secret society is ruling the world.
me: why?
ccor: because the world's going to end in the year 2012.
me: bummer.
ccor: december 21*, 2012 to be exact. so, you know, what does any of it matter?
me: ... right on.

the end.

*actual date of the apocolypse has been changed so as not to ruin the surprise for you all.