Monday, September 24, 2012

now it's back to "kat: in the hat," which is ironic because i never wear hats

so, it turns out my grandfather did not have a secret family in germany.

i know i should be happy about it, but all i can think about is how the potentially greatest chapter of my currently unwritten memoirs will now never be written.

and how the title of my memoirs, "kat: nazi hunter," has lost the touch of irony that was sure to make it a best seller.


matt said...

I think "Kat: Inglorious Bastard" has more of a ring to it.

(I really hope you get the reference and don't think I'm calling you names (and welcome back to the Bloggerdome (I wonder how many parentheticals is too many (this many))))

Chad Can Plan said...

My grandfather did have a mysterious life and secret families (mine) but not in Germany, so I guess it's not memoir-worthy.