Thursday, January 07, 2016

on or before the third sentence of my second interaction with every person ever, i will inevitably get asked, “how tall are you?” or “how tall are you?” or the super casual, “so how tall are you anyways?”

it’s a thing.

i’m so not offended when people ask, it's just that i get asked it a lot. like, a lot. (i do get a little bit offended when people make me stand back-to-back with them. and i get super annoyed when someone asks how tall i am and then doesn’t believe my answer. come on, guy. i don’t somehow think that taking an inch off my height will suddenly make you think i’m a beautiful, delicate flower.)

i guess i just don’t understand why people need a quantifiable height. they need my espn stats. they need a concrete number. i’ve never been on the other side of it that i can think of. i don’t think that i ask people their exact height or weight or age or ethnic heritage, but maybe i do and i just don’t realize it.

i guess- if i’m being honest about why i’m blogging about this- i just want to be a tease. because admit it, every single one of you are now thinking, “okay, so how tall are you?”


Ann-Marie said...

I get the same question ALL THE TIME! I've started responding by telling them my height and then asking "how tall are you?"
It's only fair for them to share too! :)

kat said...

i have, like, two or three anecdotes that i rotate through about being a super tall ballerina, and how freaking tall my dad is. so it almost always turns into some valid small talk.
can you imagine how powerful we'd be with our forces combined??

also, i feel like you probably have to deal with strangers trying to pick you up. which sounds even worse than when strangers make me stand back-to-back with them like i'm some ride at disneyland.