Wednesday, October 12, 2016

almost political

as someone with irrational trust and intimacy issues, reading comment threads like the screenshot below in response to certain tapes of certain presidential candidates describing/confessing to/bragging about certain horrific behavior, is my worst nightmare...

essentially these people are saying that 75% of men talk about how they've groping women, and the other 25% think it.
or perhaps, to be more forgiving, maybe they're saying that 75% of men talk about women using degrading, predatory language and the other 25% think it.
that's just how men are.
so people shouldn't be so offended.

again, it's my worst (relationship) nightmare that THAT IS TRUE.

so thanks for that, social media world.

1 comment:

Jay said...

75% of the time, I'm talking about Spider-Man. 25% of the time, I'm thinking about the Ninja Turtles.

100% of the time, I'm not paying attention to what i'm suppose to be doing.